We make records beautiful again.

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We work to make records beautiful again.


45RPM Record Coasters

Individual coasters are made by cutting authentic, damaged and unplayable 45RPM records down to approximately 4 inch squares. The label is sealed and an original yellow spindle adapter is placed in the center. They're glued to cork and then covered in a thick polymer epoxy resin. The coasters are categorized by decade / era

Playing Card Coaster Sets

Card sets are made by gluing 2 collector cards together placing them on black plastic hardboard and imbedding them in our epoxy resin.
They come with a white swirl 8 x 8 inch gift box.

Album Cover Coaster Sets

Album coaster sets are made from original album sleeves cut into 9 squares that are glued to black plastic hardboard and imbedded in thick epoxy resin. The glass boxes can be displayed flat or you can hang them on the wall.

Collector 45RPM Coaster Sets

Collector sets are assembled from unplayable rare records that we have put together as sets that follow a particular theme.

Record Snack Bowl

The snack bowls are made from 33 1/3 RPM records, the labels are sealed, top and bottom, with clear vinyl which makes them hand washable. They make great snack or trinket bowls. If used for food we recommend a liner.

45RPM Spindle Adapter

The original yellow spindle adapter is used in all of our 45RPM individual coasters and coaster sets.

Meet the team



Tom & Lorie




Want to know more? | a little about us

After Tom and Lorie both worked at a regular 9-5 job about 10 years ago they then wondered now what? They started going to auctions and selling odds and ends on Ebay. When they started selling 45 rpm's they fell in love with them. Lorie coming from a musical family and having even sang in a band it was clear music would continue to be a part of their lives. They soon realized that they had hundreds of records that were unsellable (broken, scratched and just beat). They kept them because they couldn't stand to throw them away. It occured to them that something else could be done. With Tom, having always been creative and a very talented artist, together they started Rock and Roll Coasters. They do Arts & Crafts shows most of the year making their coasters during the week. On the weekends they travel to shows around Colorado. "We love what we do and at the same time feel like we're giving the records a new life!

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